1. Use the computer labs only at allocated time.
  2. Computer labs must not be used during break times. Students can use the labs at break times only under lecturer’s permission.
  3. Every student must use the computer which was allocated by the lecturer.
  4. Do not use the computer which is not allocated to you.
  5. When the lesson is over, shut down the computer (following the rules of shutting down), put the desks and chairs into order. Leave the lab in such a way that you want to get it when you come.
  6. No food or beverages is allowed in the lab.
  7. Sit still, put your feet straightly and lean towards the back of the chair.
  8. Distance between your eyes and the screen should not exceed 40 cm.
  9. Switch the computer on by clicking the switching on button.
  10. Do not plug in or off the monitor, mouse, keyboard and other accesories while the computer is on.
  11. Inform the lecturer if there is a problem with a computer.
  12. Do not restart or shut down the computer without closing all active programs.
  13. Do not stand, walk around or run in the lab.
  14. Do not touch the lecturer’s computer, table, printer, etc. without his/her permission.
  15. Inform the lecturer immediately if the computer has a problem or does not work. You can also inbox to the ITS department via their e-mail address:
  16. If the computer stops working and a smell comes out, immediately shut down the computer and inform the lecturer.
  17. Do not press and click the keys hard. Do not test the keys and mouse buttons pressing them at one time.
  18. Playing games is not allowed.
  19. Do not open the computer case.
  20. Note that other students also use the computer, therefore do not explore their files.
  21. Do not run the programs which you don’t know.
  22. Keep files and folders neatly. Free the hard dick from unnecessary files. Keep your personal documents on your flashcard.
  23. Do not install or delete any programs without the lecturer’s permission. If there is a program which needs to be installed, inform the lecturer.
  24. Leave the table clean, throw the rubbish (even they are not yours) when the lesson finishes.
  25. If you don’t use the lab computer, but use your own labtop at the lesson, plug the sockets, keyboard, mouse,etc. back into their own places, when the lesson finishes.
  26. Lecturer must make his/her students shut down the computers and leave the lab after ensuring that all computers are switched off.
  27. Leave the laboratory in such a way that you want to see when you come.




  1. Lecturer must swith the computer system on after checking electric systems of the computer, smart board and other electronic devices.
  2. Computer, projector, audio system and smart board system should be checked before the lesson. Lecturer must contact with ITS representative of the related block in case of error/issue detection.
  3. Lecturer must not move the computer table or the computer. If there is a problem connected with this case, he/she should report it to the head of the department.
  4. Lecturer may get help from ITS representatives of the block in the installation of needed programs.

Head of the ITS department: İsmail Altı and

A-B-C blocks-Erkin Kubanychbekov, Janar Kushubekov

D block-Maksat Abdyldabekov

  1. If a lecturer uses his/her personal labtop at the lesson, he/she must connect the projector or smart board with care and plug them back into original places after the lesson.
  2. During break times, the lecturer’s computer should be switched off or put into a sleeping mode.
  3. Lab computers should not be used without the lecturer’s permission.
  4. Sharing the password of the lecturer’s computer with students is prohibited.
  5. Computer, projector and smart board systems should be switched off accurately after the lesson. Lecturer should leave the room after ensuring that all computer systems are off.
  6. In order to have the needed programs installed on students computers, a lecturer must contact with the ITS representative at least 2 days before the lesson.
  7. We express our gratitude for your awareness and accuracy in using electronic devices of our university.