About ITS

Information Technology Center

 Aims and objectives of the Information Technologies Center of Ala-Too International University:

• Provision of computer services for academic and research activities,

• Building of infrastructure between university campuses and its operation and management,

• Provision of technical support for computers and software for the administrative divisions of the university,

• Providing students and teachers with the ability to use computers,

• Keep a close watch on developing modern technologies in order to maximize the use of information technology.

Mission and vision

Our mission

Closely to monitor the development of advanced information technologies and to ensure the rapid and dynamic implementation of these technologies in the work of our university through harmonious cooperation, dialogue and coordination with other departments; to assist in the work of the departments of the Ala-Too International University by developing for them the applications that are required for their work.

Our vision

Information Technology Center:

• Will play an active role in the educational process and will create an appropriate environment and additional opportunities for all university students, where they can develop their knowledge and skills in the IT world.

• Will strengthen the corporate structure, to ensure the continuity of the global view of the business,  by keeping all business processes in writing and constantly updating them.

• Will participate in all investment decisions of Ala-Too International University on information technologies, and propose internationally recognized sound procurement principles and practices.


Network management division

  • Physical setup, regulation and maintenance of the campus network infrastructure.
  • Identification of active / passive devices to be used in the network, designing, developing and integrating the infrastructure system required for adding new services.
  • Creation of the necessary hardware and software infrastructure for the correct implementation of centralized network management, detection and updating of software versions of existing active devices.
  • Continuous monitoring of Internet traffic in the central system, analysis and reporting of errors, monitoring the performance of active devices and ensuring dynamism by working with problem points.
  • Establishing internet and network connections for existing and newly created university departments, timely response to failures and assistance in solving problems.
  • Providing uninterrupted Internet access for university campuses with sufficient data transfer speed and bandwidth, optimizing Internet traffic by creating virtual networks.
  •  Organization of IP addresses.
  • Ensuring network security.
  • Establishing the Campus Network topology, raising the awareness of unit employees and end users about what and how they should work in the system they use, through periodic in-service training.
  • Conducting researchs on adding innovations to existing infrastructure by following new technologies.
  • To use / manage the network in accordance with standards and regulations and establishment of a good documentation system.

AIU cards

  • Student ID Cards,
  • Personnel Identification Cards,
  • Printing of Special ID Cards.

Hardware Support division

  • Identifying and solving problems in case of failure of computer equipment, according to requests received from the university.
  • Correcting  hardware failures of computers located in the Information Technology Center and laboratories, and their updating.

Training division

  • Organization of training for the administrative and academic staff of the university in order to increase the efficiency of the used licensed software packages.
  • Preparation of documents used for training.
  • Conducting trainings on the use of websites and applications prepared for the departments.
  • Preparation of certificates of participation issued to participants at the end of the training.

System management division

  • Providing web site space for academic and administrative departments and student clubs.
  • Web domain accounts management.
  • DNS management (domain name).
  • Provision of e-mail accounts (with extensions iaau.edu.kg and alatoo.edu.kg).
  • Firewall policy determination and management.
  • Creation of e-mail lists.
  • Management of e-mail system, smtp gateways, determination of spam / virus protection policies, implementation.
  • Web server databases and general user databases management.
  • Backup system management.
  • Determination and implementation of user authentication and other security policies.
  • Management of system servers, determination and implementation of system security policies

Web management division

  • Managing and updating the websites of Ala-Too International University and its departments.
  • Writing web applications and preparing web sites for departments.
  • Creating visual works such as logos, banners and posters according to requests from departments and divisions.
  • Providing support in the event of problems and performing updates as requested by academic and administrative departments.
  • Publishing the agenda and minutes of the Senate and Board Meeting.
  • Management of the business card system.
  • Management of the Job Request system.
  • Management of e-bulletin system.
  • Preparation of materials requested by the marketing department.

Design department

  • Preparation of documents, brochures, booklets, certificates, etc., as requested by university departments.
  • Preparation of promotional materials requested by the marketing department.

Software Development and Maintenance Department

  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation of licensed software purchased for the university on university computers.
  • Elimination of software problems occurring in systems "with an inventory number" used by academic and administrative staff.
  • Installation, maintenance and management of computers located in student laboratories and classrooms belonging to Information Technology Center.