Computer Support

Computer technical support

Software and hardware support is provided for devices with inventory numbers used by academic and administrative staff in the Information Technology Center. If you have any problems with your device, you should submit your request using

After entering your request into the system, you will receive an informing e-mail that your request has been accepted for processing. When the process is completed, an e-mail will be sent stating that your request has been completed.

In your software and hardware requests; depending on your order, you will be contacted by phone or the problem will be determined by coming to your place. When the problem cannot be solved at your place, you will be asked to send your device to the IT Center. In this case;

What to do when your device is requested to be sent to the IT Center;

• Back up your information in your computer.

• Write a note on your device stating the Job Request Number and the relevant support personnel.

• Send the computer or printer installation CDs together with their password.

What should I do if my device is under warranty?

If your device with hardware failure is under warranty; Please send the device to the company from whom you purchased this device to correct failures.

Information Technology Center Service Policy

1. Your requests sent to the Information Technology Center of the AIU are answered by the relevant personnel of the Information Technology Center support service by phone and e-mail.

2. In the case of a repair request, if the department or the person making the request cannot be contacted by phone or email, the duration of stay of the repair requests in our system is 10 working days. After this period, the request must be renewed; otherwise, it will be removed from our system.

3. Support is provided by phone, on-site or in the Information Technology Center, depending on the problem and situation identified in the repair request.

4. The Software Support team installs required software on computers with inventory numbers belonging to university.

5. In cases which require reinstallation of the operating system or changes in the file system; The REQUESTOR must state in writing which files are to be copied. Otherwise, the IT Center is not responsible for the backup.

6. Services such as software download, installation, virus scanning, data transfer are provided in the Information Technology Center.

7. The hardware support team repairs hardware failures on university-owned devices with an inventory number. They replace purchased parts if necessary and also recommend increasing the power if necessary.

8. If, after identifying a malfunction of the device, it will be necessary to wait for the delivery of spare parts (power supply, disk, memory, cartridge ...), the device should be stored in the appropriate department, since the support service does not have enough storage space.

9. After the device is repaired and the relevant person is informed; the device must be received within 10 days.